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Drop-in appointments welcome at our Camosun College Clinic!Var sex kontakter msn befinner vi oss nu?The nurse/doctor will ask questions about your general health and sexual activity to best understand your sexual health care needs, such as Are you currently sexually active?; Have you had any new partners since your last visit?; What type(s) of sex do you and your.Support : Bring a friend, parent or partner if you feel nervous about coming in alone or if you want them to be part of the education process.If clients without appointments, present with symptoms, they will be triaged by a health care professional; however, wait time cannot be estimated.Har det gått mer än ett år sedan du var på behandling måste du boka en ny läkartid.Vi lägger ut nya tider regelbundet och ca två veckor åt gången. .Monday: 9 am -12:30 pm and 1-4.Tänk på att det måste gå 7 dagar innan du kan testa dig för klamydia och gonorré, när det gäller HIV måste det gå 6 veckor innan du kan få ett tillförlitligt svar.Vi vet från forskningen att hbtq-personer har mycket sämre hälsa, både fysiskt och psykiskt.
We want to make this experience as comfortable as possible for you.
If you are having a friend, partner or family member pick up your medication, we request that you be available to complete a quick phone assessment with the nurse at the time of pick up because this can be difficult to coordinate, we strongly encourage.We follow the guidelines concerning duty to report that have been created by the College of Physicians and Surgeons.You don't need a Care Card but let us know if you want help finding one.Please note phones are not monitored between 12-1pm Monday-Friday.Du som inte har besvär kan boka tid för testning av sexuellt överförbara infektioner (STI) hos sjuksköterska eller hur att avgöra förfall av en obligation barnmorska.Wednesday: 9 am -12:30 pm and 1-5 pm *Effective January 17, 2018.Personalen i bussen kommer också svara på frågor, erbjuda första hjälpen för sexuell hälsa och informera om vår hbtq-diplomering.Och särskilt utsatta är transpersoner.If you are an appointment for someone else, please be aware that we require you to have all of their personal (including birth date and personal health number) and contact information (address, phone number and/or email address) for the person you are booking the appointment for.

Suggested buses to take: View Larger Map Lansdowne Campus, Top Floor, Richmond House (Brown House near Daycare on the corner of Argyle and Richmond Rd) Contact us How to find our Tsawout Clinic View Larger Map Suggested buses to take.