Example: JUnit 5 with AssertJ Assertions import import static sertThat; @ExtendWith(ass) class ClickableButtonTest Button button; @Start void onStart(Stage stage) button new Button click me!
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@Test void should_click_on_button(FxRobot robot) / when: tton / then: / or (lookup by css id / or (lookup by css class / or (query specific type) Example: Spock with Hamcrest Matchers import amework.Start Your Free Trial, sign Up Today For Free.To add a dependency on TestFX using Gradle, use the following: dependencies testCompile next add a dependency corresponmding to the testing framework you are using in your project.For example if you are using JUnit 4 in your project you would add a dependency on testfx-junit: dependencies testCompile maven.Start Your Free Trial, analyze And Optimize Your Marketing Activities.Just some of our satisfied clients.Features, a fluent and clean API.Become a chartered member of our beta group today!tScene(new Scene(new StackPane(button 100, 100) ow @Override void stop throws Exception FxToolkit.

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