We also cached the page on 2/16/16, by which time the status of six priests had been changed to "deceased" since our previous cache on 1/6/15.
"New Investigator Looking into the Colonial Parkway Murders".
Lydia Sherman, the Murderer of Three Husbands and Four Children".
"Dayton Leroy Rogers, Oregon's most prolific serial killer, appealing death sentence".Archived from the original on August 15, 2012.The 1/30/14 version of the list is the first to display the date on which the list was updated.Antwan Pittman has been convicted in one case 356 February UT Suspected serial killer who murdered 2 women on the same date, two years apart 357 Flat-Tire murders Killed 5 women in Frankford Slasher PA, NJ Allegedly responsible for nine murders in the Frankford neighborhood.The Excel sheet reveals that accused priests have worked in at least 94 Baltimore parishes.Retrieved vis, Joseph.San Diego State University.Sniper attacks 171 John Bittrolff Sentenced to 25 years to life Suspect in Long Island serial killer case 172 John Edward Robinson Sentenced to death Sometimes referred to as "the Internet's first serial killer" 173 John Floyd Thomas.Retrieved b c d e Newton, Michael (2006).Retrieved Bovsun, Mara (January 2, 2010).
Paul, Minnesota; October 17, 1878, Image 2, column 7 Louwagie, Pam (22 December 2015).
Rochester NY We cached a copy of the 6/6/12 list on 7/7/12."Richard Francis Cottingham: "The Torso Killer" (PDF)."The case of a lifetime / For Cary Stayner, there was something about Jeff Rinek that put him at ease - and made him want to talk".On the archdiocesan website, the List of Clergy Offenders (see also a cached PDF of the list) was transformed into a portal for accessing the documents: each name, previously not explained, was linked to a description, which was in turn linked to the priest's file.The earlier release includes a" that "the last occurrence of abuse took place more than ser ut som sex 20 years ago." The later version revises that statement to read "25 years ago." A revised version of Cassidy's statement was posted on 1/27/17, containing a link.Phantom Killer TX thomson lokala east sussex Believed to have committed the Texarkana Moonlight Murders in Texas between February 23 and May 4, Redhead murders Series of unsolved homicides believed to have been committed by an unidentified serial killer in Tennessee, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi and Pennsylvania 389 Santa Rosa.

Craig, Gary (March 1, 2009).
2) On 2/17/14 the archdiocese released a first revised list, resulting from a comprehensive file review done by Kinsale Management Consulting, under contract with the archdiocese.