Moup (Scots) to nibble, munch moups, mouping, mouped.
Davy A safety lamp davies.
Also calctufa, toph, tophe.Also nebbuk, nebek, nebeck.Flak Anti-aircraft fire; strong criticism; hostile reaction flaks.Dixy (Hindi) a military cooking-pot dixies.Shmo (Yiddish) a stupid person shmoes.Turr (Canadian) a Newfoundland name for the guillemot turrs.Mill To grind by mechanical means mills, milling, milled.Bauk To stop short, refuse a jump bauks, bauking, bauked.Dead Not alive deader, deadest; (verb, obs.) to lose vitality, become numb deads, deading, deaded.Fley (Scots) to frighten fleys, fleying, fleyed.Det bästa av allt med dessa platser är att tiden nästan står stilla medan man håller på med sin hobby man söker kvinna för äventyr där.
Unbe Not to be unbeing, unbeen.Loge (Fr.) a small enclosure or box in a theatre or opera house loges.Sleb (Slang) a celebrity slebs.Cray (Aust.) a crayfish crays.Grex (Lat.) a group of plants that has arisen from the same hybrid parent grexes.Love To feel great affection for loves, loving, loved.Lulu An outstandingly bad or impressive person or thing lulus.

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