sex ikväll ett bazz lyrics

In this world that we livin' in we better beware.
Holding you until you fall asleep it's just as good as I knew it would.
You better do it right and use the right protection.
Kristen, come right back, i've been waiting for you to slip back in bed.Only one thing I remember I was out from smoking ganja.Chewin' some way and guess what we started screwin'.Where is your empathy, i feel a misfit, wearing this kit.Representin' in some way, hot gammal datum com but where 50 åriga kvinnor i west virginia är ute efter sex the hell they left their brain.To manipulate, when I stipulate, that's my prerogative, i tell you.Turn around baby girl, that's how I get.That's what to do, me you, me you, me you, You're so hot hot hot, me you, me you.
When it's all your life to choose.
Don't care if it's a fallacy.You remember the time when we got down after the club right.You're so hot hot hot, hey you, don't be silly, put a condom on your willy.Safe sex, that's the message, send "Safe Sex" Ringtone to your Cell.To manipulate, when i stipulate, that's my prerogative, i tell you.

We had made love earlier that day with no strings attached, But I could tell that something had changed how you looked at me then.
Chorus, i got a story to tell about this lady that wasn't well.