The most serious was for an armed robbery 12 years ago in which he joined a gang armed with machetes and was jailed for four-and-a-half years.
Thompson pleaded guilty to arson and three counts of burglary.
Despite this, Thompson could not resist strutting through Croydon town centre where he was spotted by a council worker.
One of four brothers, he first came to the attention of the authorities in 1995 when he was caught fare dodging.Ruins: Such was the intensity of the heat that ravaged the local landmark that firemen had to spend the next day cooling off the smouldering embers.But bonden vill ha en fru 2013 gratis se as with the Croydon facelift scraping the hair so tightly into a ponytail or bun that the face is pulled back experts warn that it can do so much harm wearers risk causing bald patches.Now Kate Moss has attracted criticism for promoting another style designed to combat the effects of ageing.He brazenly posed for a photographer during the crime spree which ended up on the front page of a local newspaper.The career criminals deliberate, wilful act of shocking, dangerous vandalism put numerous lives at risk and caused at least.5million worth of damage.
Owners Trevor Reeves, 56, and his father Maurice, 81, were at the Old Bailey yesterday to see Thompson sentenced.
Devastated: An emotional Maurice Reeves, the furniture store owner, stands outside the charred remains of the shop the day after the riots.Kate Moss (pictured) has revealed that she ties her hair into braids tight enough to pull her skin back, helping make her face look wrinkle-free 'That's another old Hollywood trick.Thug life baaaabe thats how shameless crook Gordon Thompson liked to describe his days of violent crime.Its charred remains have been demolished, but the company is still trading from premises across the street.I can't believe she said that said Steve O'Brian of the London Centre of Trichology.I think they had to know all that stuff before there was retouching, they had to do it all by hand.The loss was priceless.Working occasionally as a decorator, he doted on his two children.Mr Reeves senior said: I personally have not a great deal of sympathy for him.Up one min and next ya down.

But in the months before the riots, he had separated from his wife and was locked in a bitter battle for access.
I said to him, Do you realise you are on the front of the local paper?