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Though he was satisfied to lead a life (of) apparent discomfort and loneliness, this did not sour his nature against those who fared better than he did.Wednesday The Sheffield Daily Independent (page 5).Wages of the day were (1744-1746) for hewers and drivages around one shilling and sixpence and (1776-1779) one shilling and eight pence per day.A capital musical programme was provided by Messrs.Frank Slag, and Mr Robert.This will be the headquarters of local cricket, hockey, Association and Rugby football clubs.The principal mourners were:.Emmerson Bainbridge manager of the Duke of Norfolks Sheffield collieries resolved if possible to adopt it at the Monkwood colliery near Chesterfield.If you carry on up the other side of the lane it leads to the old Plumbley colliery (Seldom Seen).,where you can see the old engine house.What Photograph Shows Part of the portion of the original bridle track which is still left is shown in the photograph reproduced on the back page.Pye-Smith mentioned that claims for assistance in the purchase of ministers' residences were now very numerous, so that the Union Church was in the fashion.
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Saturday 8th April 1922 Sheffield Independent (page 6).
Picture on Back Page.As a result of the recession in the coal industry, most of the men had transferred earlier to the Grassmoor collieries owned by the Barnes family.The hockey pitch has been completed, while rapid progress is being made with the Association ground.Hundreds of people were present in the pretty little churchyard at Dore; they came from all over the countryside to pay their last tribute of respect to a man who, in spite of his singular mode of life, was a great favourite among the people.Abbeydale Park, Sheffield, Amateur Sports Club ground, Dore.Their duties were chiefly to act as showmen, and anyone willing to help should send in their name.I never had much faith in the rule of threes, which is the bugbear of circus performers, but during my four years with the show I have seen some inexplicable cases of triple accidents " said.The increased number of subscriptions which would result from a flourishing tennis club would go a long way towards solving the income problem.Local Slags has loads of singles all wanting Local Dating!