Provoking nuclear war by media In describing the exoneration of one of the West's demons, John Pilger argues that a western media campaign to demonise and goad Russia is leading inexorably to war.
Breaking the last taboo - Gaza and the threat of world war In this essay based on his Edward Said Memorial Lecture in Adelaide, John Pilger argues that the assault on Gaza represents a wider threat to us all, and with episodic dangers in Ukraine.
Silencing America as it prepares for war Writing from the United States, John Pilger joins a momentous election campaign - his fourth as a reporter - and suggests that the sound and fury may not be as it appears.
Contact John Hoskyns-Abrahall at email protected On Easter Sunday, April 16, The Coming War on China was broadcast nationally in Australia on the SBS Network and received this 5-star preview from Sydney Sun-Herald, the Melbourne Sunday Age and other Fairfax newspapers.The working title is The Coming War Between America and China, and the film will tell the largely unreported story of a new US strategic policy known as 'the pivot to Asia'.What are you going to do about it?Aboriginal people havight TO protest THE commonwealth games AS stolen wealth.A world war has begun.Watch THE interview THE coming WAR ON china - A NEW pilger film FOR essex sikt datum 2011 12 TV AND cinema John Pilger's new film - The Coming War on China - was in UK cinemas throughout December 2016 and will shortly be screened in Australian cinemas and.He suggests there is only one course of action now.His 'crime' was that of a scrupulous editor - WikiLeaks had revealed the war crimes of the.
In Dublin, Nobel Peace Prize winner Mariead Maguire and members of the Irish parliament, Clare Daly and Mick Wallace, will speak in support of Julian outside the British embassy.
John Pilger writes: Robert Parry, one of America's greatest journalists, has died, tragically.
C'mon, time to rebrand your life!'Cambodia Year Zero as it became known, was credited with alerting the world to the suffering of the people of Cambodia under the fanatical regime of Pol Pot.You can watch it here.John Pilger's latest film 'The War You Don't See' available to watch online John Pilger's latest film 'The War You Don't See' is now available to watch online (worldwide excluding Australia) for.99 'The War You Don't See' premiered at the Barbican in London.The official announcement can be found on the.British library acquires john pilger archive AND stages TWO-DAY 'power OF THE documentary' event.

Anyone can become a member individuals and businesses alike.
On Sunday 17 June, the SEP will stage a rally for Julian in the heart of Sydney, Australia, his homeland.
How the chosen ones ended Australia's sporting prowess and revealed its secret past John Pilger describes how sports-obsessed Australia's disappointing showing at the London Olympics offered a glimpse of a secret past.