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Verifying compliance During the Term of any Subscription and for three years thereafter, you must keep all usual and proper records relating to the Subscription(s) and your use of Products under this agreement.
Förutbetalda periodkostnader återbetalas ej till kund även om dessa skulle sträcka sig längre fram i tiden än uppsägningstiden (normalt 1 månad).
You must keep your accounts and passwords confidential.
If you indicate (iii you will be able to extract your Customer Data via our standard processes and tools, and you will reimburse us if there are any applicable costs.(ii) Consumption Offerings: You pay based on actual usage baby kön prognos för 2015 in the preceding month with no upfront commitment.Limitations on defense obligation.1) If you indicate (ii you will not be able to extract your Customer Data from your account.You must tell us right away about any possible misuse of your accounts or any security incident related to the Online Service.We will treat notices as delivered on the date shown on the return receipt or on the courier or fax confirmation of delivery.We may check the version of the Supplemental Software you are using and recommend or download updates, with or without notice, to your devices.
You must make copies from Microsoft or intY-approved media or a network source acquired from or made available by a Microsoft or intY-approved fulfillment source.IF THE service IS terminated DUE TO NON-payment AS SET OUT IN 3 then WE MAY terminate your subscription immediately AND YOU agree that WE have NO obligation TO continue TO hold, export OR return your customer data.If you decrease the quantity during a Term, we may charge you a cancellation fee for the decrease in quantity as described below in the section titled Cancellation of a Subscription.This section provides our exclusive remedy for these claims.We may request that you conduct an internal audit of all Products in use throughout your organization, comparing the number of Licenses in use to the number of Licenses issued to and/or paid for by you.For Consumption Offerings, termination will end Customers right to use the Product.Kunden mister sin rett til å gjøre en mangel gjeldende dersom han kontaktannonser online dating ikke gir Leverandøren melding om manglelen innen rimelig tid etter at han oppdaget eller burde ha oppdaget den.Microsoft means Microsoft and its Affiliates.We will defend you against any claims made by an unaffiliated third party that any Product infringes that partys patent, copyright or trademark or makes vuxen personliga profil intentional unlawful use of its trade secret.

Prices and price levels are subject to change at the beginning of any Subscription renewal.