essex området team kontakter

Urdal, nils Urdal, ole Urdal, osvald Matre.
Interested in Essex's experiments on mutants, Apocalypse granted the geneticist mutant powers through genetic modifications.
Rasmus Matre, magnus Matre (de 3 siste sluttet seg til Bjørn West).It is possible that the Weapon X facility Ajax works in is part of the Essex Corporation.V elkommen til Bodil og Kjell Olav's hjemmeside!During this commotion, Nightcrawler, Cyclops and Jean manage to rescue the other X-Men and Wolverine manages to escapes the Weapon X facility, disappearing into the woods.Ambisjonen med hjemmeområdet er deling av informasjon for spesielt interesserte.Richard Veland, sigvard Veland, i Kvingo-området : Magnus.
Einar Nordland, arne Hope.e.I Urdals-området : Johannes.Contents show, history, x-Men: Apocalypse, after, wolverine is released from his imprisonment by Nightcrawler, Cyclops and Jean Grey, he begins murdering several guards and is himself shot at, leaving trails of blood throughout the complex.Logan, in the years that followed somehow the company.Sivile sök kvinnor chile kontakter for Bjørn West basen: Trygve Bjordal (svoger til kaptein Harald Risnes) var hovedkontakt mellom Bjørn West og Bergen.Jean Grey 's and, cyclops 's genetic material.Apocalypse from his eternal sleep.Status, unknown (original timeline active (revised timeline the.Essex Corporation is a mysterious organization led.Trivia, the Essex Corporation is an allusion to the X-Men comic book villain.