More Locks and Bolts from Solarference inventing an entirely original facet of folk June 12, 2016 Listening to Locks and Bolts the first live album from Solarference, who are Nick Janaway and Sarah Owen, is an experience both enligh.
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More Spaceships There Are - Marvin.More Ulaid self titled album of sparkling Irish music November 04, 2015 Established musicians John McSherry, Dónal OConnor and Seán Óg Graham have finally (about time many would say) pooled.More Rise Up by Erika Kulnys - depths of engrossing story-telling July 10, 2016 Sometimes an artist possesses a voice that reaches out and seduces your senses, Erika Kulnys has one of those voices.More Rescattermastered from Trail West - mindboggling musicianship August 08, 2016 Theres nothing like the high-energy zip and flourish of a good ceilidh band - that much is true.More The Beautiful The Actual from Rosie Hood simply a beautiful album June 19, 2017 Rarely does a word encapsulate the essence of an album.More More Than A Little - Adrian Meredith - Americana with added edge January 15, 2017 Hard as it may be to imagine old-time folk mashed together with a strong essence of punk, moulded with touches of jumping rock and roll, then augmen.More Robbie Greig Friends from Robbie Greig - an album sparkles from start to finish June 06, 2016 There are without doubt many fine fiddlers across these isles, the calibre of care for tradition and inventive composition never ceases to fill.More Songs of Separation by Various Artists - a significant treat December 09, 2015 Never mind how frequently we are separated from people and places that mean so much to us, every time separation and sadness go hand in hand.More On the Lonesome Plain - Dónal Clancy - a master at work January 26, 2017 Some musicians need no introduction.
More Anarchy and Love Adrian Nation - an album of truth and sincerity October 22, 2017 Think of a powerfully emotive voice, softly honest and richly listenable, couple that to a consummate skill on guitar, with perceptive lyrical deliv.
More When Sorrow Calls from Hope In High Water - unfussed acoustic Americana folk March 25, 2016 Theres something simplistically vibrant about the EP When Sorrow Calls from Hope In High Water, who are Josh Chandler Morris.More Ingrained from Carly Dow - Canadian folk suffused with soul December 16, 2015 Theres something utterly elemental about Carly Dows music, the echoing melodies that soar around your head, the deeply authentic voice.More Secret Garden by Amy Goddard.More One With The Tide Alice DiMicele - comes immediately into focus December 11, 2017 From the first moment, One With The Tide, the new album form Alice DiMicele is a clear-cut, precise treat, especially if rootsy-edged.More Dunt, Dunt, Dunt, Dunt by Gordon Duthie - something interesting going on November 04, 2015 Theres no way to, nor any need to classify this amerikanska män söker tyska fru music.Acoustic or electric; traditional or nu, medieval or folk rock; Americana, bluegrass or country; progressive, psychedelic, punk or thrash.Använder sig likt andra nätdejtingappar av GPS för att användaren ska komma i kontakt med andra användare i närområdet.