datum för sex and the city

Completed etc up to the present time.
Con quién sales esta noche?
Her clothes looked very dated.Their quarrel dates back to last year.This method is up to date / very up-to-date; an up-to-date method.His books haven't dated much.The day and month and/or the year in which something förfallodag inteckning happened or is going to happen.Tienes algún compromiso para esta noche?No longer able to be (legally) used; no longer valid.I can't read the date on this letter.
To have or put a date.
This letter isn't dated.He asked her for a date.Is the catalogue up to date?; an up-to-date catalogue.Mit wem trifft er sich?; his date didnt show up diejenige, mit der er ausgehen wollte, hat ihn versetzt (inf) ; to make a date with somebody sich mit jdm verabreden ; shes out on a date sie hat eine Verabredung or ein Rendezvous ;.What time out new york, sex dating is your date of birth?